Wow, what can I say, I was one of those business owners that thought your brand was largely about colours and logos and not much else – nope! After following Petchy for a while, I know she has a no nonsense approach and knows her stuff with branding and has worked on some beautiful brands – all created and produced by her effortless talent. I booked a power hour with Petchy, and needless to say my mind was blown! We spoke about three areas to do with my brand and deep dived into one, which was incredible. It completely shifted how I look at my business and what I need to do to reignite the brand. It was a super insightful session; Petchy is such an expert at this stuff – I really had no idea how many elements form your brand – who knew brand perception was a thing! She gave tons of value and sent me away with a couple of exercises to do, all of which were extremely helpful in moving me forward with my brand. Thanks Petchy, you’re a branding superstar xx