Your brand. My strategic brain. One hour.

Sometimes you just need to get out of your own head. A Brand it! strategy session lets you step back and identify any gaps between where you are and where you want to be — and together we’ll make a plan to bridge those gaps. That way, you can make strategic decisions about how to take your brand and biz to the next level.

Bridge the gap between your business strategy and your brand

When you’re not clear on your brand values and personality, you may struggle to retain brand consistency. You risk sending mixed messages, confusing your audience, and attracting the wrong people. Good news: you can totally step up and take control of your brand! Rock solid brand foundations provide clarity, and will make the rest of your branding efforts so. much. easier – saving you time and money in the long run!

What can we get done in just one hour?

More than you think! Your brand is not built in a day. And quite frankly, it shouldn’t be built in a day – and certainly not in just one hour. But: a Brand it! session can work wonders in terms of helping you get unstuck and figuring out that next best step for your brand. Spending a little time working on the very core of your brand means that staying consistently on brand will be easier, because when you know and embrace your brand personality you can show up confidently as you – every time!

I get that your brand is your baby, it’s bloody hard to let go and look at it in an objective way, but that’s where I come in! Bringing my 20+ years of strategic branding experience, coupled with an outsider’s eyes, I want to help you look at your brand from new angles so you can fall in love with it all over again!

(Psssst: if one session isn’t enough; you can always stack’em!)

Not a single cookie-cutter in sight!

I don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach, which is why each 60-minute session will be tailored to suit your specific needs. But just to give you an idea, here are some examples of topics we might cover:

  • your vision + mission
  • your goals + aspirations
  • niche + target audience
  • competitors + positioning
  • your unique brand personality
  • your brand values + purpose
  • brand story + messaging
  • your brand promise
  • gap analysis + action plan 

Your investment: €300

Wow, what can I say, I was one of those business owners that thought your brand was largely about colours and logos and not much else - nope! After following Petchy for a while, I know she has a no nonsense approach and knows her stuff with branding and has worked on some beautiful brands - all created and produced by her effortless talent. I booked a power hour with Petchy, and needless to say my mind was blown! We spoke about three areas to do with my brand and deep dived into one, which was incredible. It completely shifted how I look at my business and what I need to do to reignite the brand. It was a super insightful session; Petchy is such an expert at this stuff - I really had no idea how many elements form your brand - who knew brand perception was a thing! She gave tons of value and sent me away with a couple of exercises to do, all of which were extremely helpful in moving me forward with my brand. Thanks Petchy, you're a branding superstar xx
Amanda kerin
I knew going into 2022 it was time for a rebrand. I was upleveling in my business and I wanted everything to match up. Having known Petchy for a couple years prior, I knew that when it was time, she was going to be the person I'd trust with my new brand. And wow did she deliver! Not only am I thrilled with the final results, but the whole process was wonderful. She asked great questions, was willing to really help me untangle my vision when I felt stuck, and found a way to convey two juxtaposing pieces of what I wanted: a brand that looked both elevated and rebellious. It's perfect and I'm so glad I invested in her. Hire her for your brand if you want a true partner in the process and incredible results.
After my VIP day with Petchy, I walked away with a beautiful visual brand. As my company has evolved I have drifted away from the colors & fonts but what remains is my Mission, Vision, & Big fat hairy scary goal that I developed using the Brand it! Strategy workbook. We have all done the mission & vision exercises but Petchy's approach made a clear distinction between mission vs vision that I consistently refer back to. While my hairy scary goal drives the foundations & future of my business. Thank you for helping me develop a brand that resonates with who I am & what I want to create. A brand that remains regardless of visual elements.
Evelyn Pacitti
Measurable Wellness
For years I have been slowly building and coddling my brand, but not really getting there. The last year I have been absorbing Petchy through her web page, instagram posts and podcasts. Finally, I decided my brand deserved a 1:1 Strategy Session. I brought my confusion and doubt and left with inspiration, direction and solutions in the areas that needed it. I never expected this in just one hour. Pure approachable brilliance in glasses and red hair.
Lene Hubak Fleischer
Koherent Helse
Thanks for a great session, and for the email summary. I have to say, it was a really positive experience. I have a lot of work ahead, but now I have much more clarity around where to begin. It feels incredibly good, and I feel motivated and full of newfound excitement! I wish it was Monday tomorrow 😅  Again, thank you so much – I can't wait to work more with you as I move forward with my brand.
Julianne Lyngstad
Lyngstad Ernæring

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