Your archetype is the Ruler

Confident, driven & authoritative

The Ruler yearns for control and power, responsibility and stability. They are responsible, driven and trive when they can showcase their strong leadership skills. They act in a commanding, authoritative manner and enjoy leadership roles – and can sometimes come across as bossy. 

To leverage the power of your Ruler brand archetype, infuse your brand with a sense of order, wealth and success.


A goal without a plan is just a wish


Authority, power and prestige.


Being seen as weak. Failure. Losing power.


To create prosperity through leadership.


Direct, powerful and authoritative.

Live the brand

Creating scarcity through limited availability and exclusivity. Take control and show leadership skills.

Brand visuals

Powerful and striking images. Well defined, solid graphics and typography.

Typical colours for a Ruler brand

Choose solid, authoritative and striking colours that create a powerful and masculine look. No pastels here!

Other Ruler brands

Hugo Boss | Mercedes | Rolex | American Express

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