Your archetype is the Rebel

Outrageous & Radical

The Rebel wants a revolution, and they’re not afraid to challenge the status quo to get it. Rebel brands are rule breakers. Outrageous and radical, they fight authority and want to stake out their own course. Rebels do things differently – on purpose. Action-orientated, they bring fresh perspectives, new outlooks and inspirational change.

Rebels’ ability to think outside the box, lead to unique solutions. To leverage the power of your Rebel brand archetype, break some conventions and encourage your audience to follow – you’ll scare some away, but those that stay with you will become raving fans! Always tell it like it is, and don’t be afraid to drop the odd f-bomb.


Rules are made to be broken!


Liberation, independence and change.


Becoming conformative and boring.


To challenge the status quo.


Bold, provocative, no bullsh*t language.

Live the brand

Be brutally honest in all you do, break industry norms and own your sh*t!

Brand visuals

Surprising and provocative, with bold and striking use of graphics and typography.

Typical colours for a Rebel brand

The Rebel’s colour palette can take many directions – but think bold and contrasting, non-conventional and strong!

Other Rebel brands

Diesel | Lush | BrewDog | Apple | MTV

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