Wayyyy back in 2009 I was part of the team creating the brand identity for Gurisentret and the historic outdoor play Fru Guri av Edøy. The original logo was created as two distinct parts; one representing the visitors’ centre and wind power exhibition, and the other representing the historic play. A lot has happened since then. The visitors’ centre has new content, and the play has really seen a massive development – it was time to make some adjustments to the brand to reflect these changes!

Along with the more visible changes to the brand identity, Gurisentret have also gone through an internal process of defining their brand They’ve really embraced the whole process, and it’s been so great to follow them on the journey! Working in depth to define their core values, vision, mission statement, goals, brand message and target audience has given them a solid foundation to furter develop their brand – and ensures that the changes to the visual assets are rooted to a solid underlying strategy.

The first thing we did, was to look at the whole brand architecture, and adapt it to better fit Gurisentret’s current situation. Now, Fru Guri (the play’s strong, female, leading character) is the star of the show, just like she ought to be, with Gurisentret as her home. A home that also houses a café, the visitors’ centre, and the exhibition “Meetings with wind”. The latter has played a less prominent role recently, and this is reflected in the new brand architecture.

With the increased focus on fru Guri as the front figure for the brand, she was the obvious choice for the brand identity’s lead role too. The iconic silhouette was kept, but released from the strong confines of the original logo. A neutral grey colour was introduced while the other brand colours remained untouched, along with the existing typography. This retains the already established brand recognition, but opens up the overall look and feel of the brand to make it more adaptable.


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