Not your average photographer.

Nope. Nothing ordinary here. André T. Ormset-Paredes is a renowned and award-winning photographer with a passion for brand storytelling. André creates the most amazing composite images, and his eye for detail and unique approach has even secured him a spot on Norways’s national team during the 2019 World Photographic Cup.

No surprise then, that I was very excited to create André’s brand identity for his new venture, Paredes! It became clear to me that we needed to create something understated, yet quite special. A brand that would stand it’s ground, but that would still allow André’s amazing photos to take centre stage.

Client → Paredes

Category → identity

Budget → €4,000

The result is a clean and minimalistic wordmark with an added little twist: the mid-section of the word was removed and the resulting negative space tells a story of the unseen, of those minute details that are often overlooked – the very details that André captures and brings to life through his camera lens.

André is an award-winning photographer with a passion for visual storytelling.

The colour palette is muted; a warm grey hue with a tinge of green bringing warmth to the otherwise stark and minimal base of black and white. Accents of rose gold add a touch of exclusivity.

The fragments of each letterform lend themselves to be used as decorative elements, but will be applied only sparingly and with intent to preserve a clean and minimal vibe that does not interfere with the star of the show: the photos.

To see more of André’s stunning work, follow him on Instagram!


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