Opplev Tingvoll (= Experience Tingvoll) is a network of businesses located in the municipality of Tingvoll, in the gorgeous Nordmøre region of Norway (yes I am biased, I live in the region – but it is lovely here!) They wanted to join forces to really showcase what a vast variety of experiences their local area has to offer, and wanted to create an umbrella brand that would be distinct, but that still allowed for each individual brand to retain their autonomy. No mean feat, considering the network consists of so many different businesses – ranging from the makers of the world’s best cheese, to a traditional weavery, an eco-park, a hotel, the local museum and the local church!

Tingvoll is known as Norway’s only eco-municipality, and we wanted to showcase this as well as creating a visual link between this business network and the local council. In close collaboration with the council, we opted to use the same shade of green used in the official coat of arms to tie the two together. The colour palette also features a deeper shade of green, that can be used to add depth. The script font used for the logo adds a friendly vibe and an air of informality that sets this brand identity apart from the council’s own brand. The logo was designed to be used as a “sticker” (virtual or physical) alongside each individual brand, and so it is a scaleable concept that can be used if more brands join the collaboration at a later date.

The tagline “ei grønn mil” (directly translates to “a green mile” – but a Norwegian mile is 10 kilometres) is set along a semi-circular path, so it forms a green smile too. A nice little touch to add charm and some humour.

If you’re interested in seeing what this lovely region has to offer, go check out opplevtingvoll.no (website design by AN|NA Design)

CLIENT Opplev Tingvoll

CATEGORY Brand identity 

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