A window into the history of art.

This brand identity design for author, photographer and art historian Kristine T. G. Hardeberg is full of hidden symbolism — read on to learn more, but first a little funfact: Kristine and I have known each other online for… it must be around 14-15 years now? We met when my son was little because we were both avid babywearers and active members of an online babywearing forum. We’ve since met a couple of times in the offline world too — and I was so honoured when she trusted me with her brand!

Anyways, let’s move on to talk about the actual brand identity! Kristine is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and we wanted to create a brand identity that held space for all of the different facets of her business — from her authorship and photography practice to her art history courses, talks and tours. So we asked: what is the common denominator in everything that she does? Storytelling. In everything Kristine does, she tells a story.

Category → identity

Budget → €4,000

The logo icon holds a lot of symbolism: It’s shaped like a window — inviting you to gaze through it and discover both the past and the present. Within the window are shapes that give associations to renaissance architecture; the columns, arches and vaults entice and draw the eyes in, creating a sense of curiosity — what’s behind that next column?

Like a window, the logo invites you to gaze through it and discover both the past and the present.

The icon can also be used as a decorative element, serving as a container for whatever content placed within it, and by doing so it becomes a living and dynamic brand identity.

The colour palette was carefully chosen, with a lot of revisions before we landed on “the one” — the crisp sky blue in combination with the ochre and rusty orange is striking, possibly even surprising given how we are used to seeing Renaissance art. But the paintings from this era would have had the brightness in their colours, before they were dulled by the passing of time. In combination with the clean black lines, there’s also something Mondrian’esque about the whole vibe.

The typeface chosen for the logo and for headings is a bold and striking serif with visual links to gothic calligraphy — but with a touch of modern flair. It hints at bygone eras, but is at the same time up-to date and eye catching.

Kristine runs her popular art history courses in both Norwegian and English, so be sure to check out her website, designed and developed by my friend Melissa of Melissa Helen Co.


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