Kunst og design i skolen (KDS) is a national organisation promoting the interests of art, craft and design across all phases of education in Norway. I was super stoked when they hired me to assist them with their rebrand!​

KDS didn’t really have much of a brand identity to begin with, so we started with pretty much a blank canvas. They had; however, been using a red colour pretty consistently – so in order to retain some brand recognition, I knew I wanted that to be a vital part of the new identity. I wanted to give the new identity a vibrancy that reflected the creative nature of the organisation, and introduced a colour palette that would give them depth, contrast and flexibility. The colours on the green end of the spectrum are often associated with creativity, and are represented here by a fresh minty green and a deep emerald. They are joined by a lighter shade of the main red (I didn’t want to say pink, but I guess that’s technically what it is) to add a lightness to the overall look, and a dark grey. The deeper green gives an impression of integrity and credibility, while the lighter colours allow for variey and cheerfulness. A neutral grey balances everything nicely, giving an impression of stability.

Art and design education spans very wide, right from pre-school to university, and covers a huge array of disciplines and techniques. I wanted to create a brand identity that had plenty of room for all of that, and that would allow the diversity and complexity of the subject to take centre stage. The clean and minimal logo icon is derived from two elements: 1) a shield/emblem, that represents the academic side of the organisation, and 2) a frame. Because when you’re proud of something, you want to showcase it, you want it framed and up on that wall for everyone to see!

For the logotype, Brandon Grotesque was chosen due to its rounded, yet clean appearance that gives it a certain softness and warmth. For text, we chose to use Helvetica Neue to tie KDS’ new identity nicely in with their publication FORM, where they already used this typeface.

Ooooh, I want an awesome brand identity too!

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