The tiny little star icon in this logo might seem small and insignificant, but it carries a lot of meaning and is the actual star of the show in this recent branding project. Often, magic can be found in the smallest of details. Subtle symbolism can be powerful, and whispering can be more efficient than shouting. This understated and timeless elegance is exactly what I wanted to create for Enter Norway’s new brand identity.

Enter Norway assist international companies who want to establish their businesses in Norway. They offer assistance with accounting, legal and practical issues to help their clients navigate the red tape and guide them through all the required documentation and registration – so they can avoid pitfalls and operate in compliance with local legislation.

After a few years as “newcomers”, Enter Norway were ready to take things up a notch; they wanted to expand their markets and establish themselves as specialists in their field. The new brand identity conveys stability and competence. The deep blue and the serif typeface give the brand an overall formal look, while a pop of warm ochre and gold foil adds warmth and communicates the personal service that Enter Norway are so proud to offer. The logotype itself is clean and understated, but on closer inspection a small symbolic detail will appear. For centuries, the North Star has helped travellers navigate and safely reach their destinations – just like Enter Norway’s team of experts help their clients navigate through all the requirements to successfully establish themselves in a new country.


Enter Norway

Brand identity 

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