Boalliansen is a membership association that unites more than 250 housing co-operatives, and offer services to help each co-operative’s board take control over their recurring tasks. Their aim is to simplify and streamline the entire operation, from building maintenance and tenant communication to financial control and legal requirements.

The organisation has experienced significant growth since their start in 2013, and the timing was right to invest in a brand identity that would help them to differentiate, and to establish a firm position as a key player in their field for years to come. In close collaboration with the management team and Boalliansen’s project lead (the eminent VA Monica Beckstrøm at Din Kommunikasjon), a new and striking identity was born.

The new brand identity is unapologetic in all its boldness. From the strong and vibrant colour palette to the use of whitespace and typography, this is a brand identity that stands proud and firmly establishes Boalliansen as a force to be reckoned with. The simple and stark geometric shapes of the logo are carried through as decorative elements, for that cohesive and instantly recognisable look.

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