Your archetype is the Magician

Inspiring, symbolic & spirited

The Magician wants to make dreams come true. Inspiring, symbolic and spirited; magicians are visionaries who value transformational experiences and enjoy helping others turn ideas into action. Magicians strive to take people on a journey of transformation through the experience of a magical moment.

To leverage the power of your Caregiver brand archetype, empower your audience by encouraging them to turn their dreams and visions into reality. Don’t be afraid to retain a little mystique to keep your audience curious and make the illusion of magic feel real.


Look for the magic in every day


Transformation, vision and innovation.


Unintended negative consequences.


To make dreams come true.


Enchanting, mysterious, emotive and joyful.

Live the brand

Find ways to be of service, give advice and listen to your customers needs.

Brand visuals

 Symbolic and spirited images. Fluid or less structured graphics.

Typical colours for a Magician brand

Create a sense of magic by using jewel colour tones to emphasise your brand’s spiritual personality.

Other Magician brands

Disney | Coca Cola | Dyson | Oprah

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