Your archetype is the Jester

Playful, spontaneous & witty

The Jester lives in the moment and makes you smile with light-hearted fun. They want to have a great time, and avoid boredom (or being perceived as boring). Playful and spontaneous, they often see things from a fresh perspective.

To leverage the power of your Jester brand archetype, engage your audience with humour and mischief. Make them laugh! Use parody and satire to add a sting to more serious messages. Break some rules and play with wonderful absurdity. Own your quirks.


Life is too short to be serious


Humour, mischief and laughter.


Boredom (yaaaaaawn…)


To bring laughter, fun and enjoyment to the world.


Excited, upbeat and humorous, with a touch of miscief.

Live the brand

Encourage people to live in the moment. Be funny and embrace your weirdness.

Brand visuals

Humorous or outrageous images. Playful graphics and typography.

Typical colours for a Jester brand

Choose bright and joyful colours that evoke happiness and give a sense of light-hearted fun. 

Other Jester brands

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