Your archetype is the Hero

Courageous, determined & competent

The Hero wants to save the world – and prove their own worth while they’re at it! Competent and courageous; they inspire others to triumph over challenge. They fear being seen as weak or ”wimping out”.

To leverage the power of your Hero brand archetype, always be direct and self-confident in your communication. Encourage and inspire your audience to take action so they can feel empowered to succeed and/or overcome challenges. Always stand up for what is right.


It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it


Mastery, courage and growth.


Being perceived as vulnerable and weak.


To protect others from harm and make them feel cared for.


Direct and hard-hitting, confident, punchy and motivational.

Live the brand

Be direct and to the point – heroes do not have time for bullsh*t!

Brand visuals

Strong, inspiring images. Bold and functional graphics and typography.

Typical colours for a Hero brand

Use powerful, bright and/or dark colours that really pack a punch! Dare to be bold with your colour combinations.

Other Hero brands

Nike | FedEx | Duracell | The Premier League

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