Welcome to Brand it! 

An intimate group experience to guide you as you discover and define your brand’s unique purpose and personality, find the confidence to own your sh*t, and tap into your uniqueness to spark meaningful connections — and attract more of those omg, yes! 🤩 clients.

You are the one with the key to unlocking your brand’s potential. But who said you have to do it on your own?!

Well, you don’t. Join my Brand it! group programme, and over the course of 12 weeks you’ll dive into the very core of your brand – in a small group setting and with 1:1 guidance from an experienced brand strategist. You’ll get video guides for each step of the Brand it! framework, regular group coaching calls with hot seats so you can get help if you’re feeling stuck, and a community of like minded business owners to inspire you and cheer you on!

Applications for the second round of Brand it! open August 2022

Join the waitlist to be first in line + get a special discount!

What would it feel like to have a steady stream of clients who totally get you, value what you do, and you have an absolute blast working with?

And what If I told you that a strong and strategic brand can help you achieve just that? People tend to buy into a brand because it speaks to their emotions and makes them feel like they are part of something bigger, so a pretty logo on its own isn’t gonna cut it. But when you have a clear purpose, and heartfelt brand values that your kind of people can get behind… they are much more likely to be drawn to you. That’s the power of a values-driven brand!

To tap into that superpower, you need to truly understand the purpose, vision and values that define your brand – and you need a plan for how to put it all into action. That can be easier said than done. Good news:

You’re in the right place!

you see, brand strategy is not just for 7-figure celebrity entrepreneurs or big multi-national corporations

It’s for you too! This group programme is my way of making what my corporate clients pay €10-15k for, available to small business owners too. Because why should the power of brand strategy only be accessible for big corporations with budgets to boot? Well, it shouldn’t. I realised that by leveraging the power of community, I can help more small business owners build stronger brands. I also realised that if more purpose-driven businesses start leading by their values, the ripple effect can be huge – we can’t change the world on our own, but together we are powerful!

Together, we’ll discover, define and implement your brand’s purpose, values and unique personality – so you can do the work you love for the clients of your dreams!

That alone is enough to make me do a happydance!

Psssst! If you’re thinking “this sounds like too much hard work!” or you’re secretly shit scared it’s going to be complicated and all too much and you dunno where to start and just… gaaaaah! Fret not, because…

brand clarity fog?

That sinking feeling of always attracting the slightly wrong clients and not knowing why. The constant itch to tweak your brand colours or have a new logo designed, but every time you try the itch returns as soon as you see someone else’s gorgeous visual brand identity. Struggling to retain brand consistency, sending mixed messages, confusing your audience, and attracting the wrong people. That’s brand fog.

Stumbling around Brand Forest in thick fog like a lost [insert your favourite confused animal/character here] when everyone else seems to have their shit together (they probably don’t btw) is frustrating to say the least. There are only so many dead ends you can go down before motivation starts to dwindle and you think “to heck with this, I’m done!” 

You can totally escape the fog and take control of your brand. What you need is a compass and a map, and someone to teach you how to use them. And maybe some snacks. You know, to keep spirits up.

I want you to imagine that…

Attracting your dream clients feels easy peasy, because you know who they are and what you can help them with.

Your brand photographer jumps for joy, because they’re able to capture images that really showcase your amazing brand personality – with ease.

Staying true to your brand values feels effortless, because you have a clear vision of who you are and what you stand for.

It’s a heckuvalot easier for you (or your copywriter) to craft that compelling, client attracting brand story.

Your designer looooves you because they have a strategic foundation to base your brand identity on, so it’s not just a pretty logo and a gorgeous colour palette with no substance.

Your dream clients notice you, and because you’re showing up consistently, they recognise you, feel like they know you, start to trust you (yes, the famous know, like and trust factor!) – and ultimately want to work with you! Woohoo!

Sounds pretty good, huh?

I’ve got your back!

In this 12-week strategy journey, I will guide you as you work through my tried and tested Brand it! framework and help you get clear on:

→  your why and your how

→  your goals and priorities

→  your perfect-fit clients

→  your positioning

→  your unique brand personality

→  your values

→  your brand story

With all that in place, you’ll be amazed at how much easier the rest of your branding and marketing efforts come together – allowing you to show up as you and attract the type of clients that light a fire in your belly!

brand strategy is a bridge

…or hiking shoes, a boat, or a hot air balloon. You have a vision for your brand, but between you and it is this huge gaping hole that you have to somehow navigate around or across. Most of us will find ourselves stuck in that position at some point. Often more than once. So what do you do? Do you fill the hole with truckloads of rocks so you can walk across? Build a bridge? Lace up your hiking shoes and take the long road around it? Jump? Fly across in a hot air balloon? Fill it with water and swim?

Your brand ≠ your logo. Your brand is how people perceive your company. This is not something you can ever be 100% in control of, because it’s made up of people’s feelings and perceptions based on their experiences with your brand. And you can’t go inside people’s brains to dictate how they feel about your brand – I mean that would be totally creepy. But what you can do, is to take action to try and influence the way your brand appears to those people over time. That’s what branding is: the stuff you do, real actions that you take, to influence people’s opinion or perception of your brand.

Brand strategy is the bridge between your business strategy and your desired brand image. Your brand identity is one part of your branding, and is a collection of tangible brand elements that come together to create one unified look and feel for your brand. This includes not only your visual identity (where your logo is just one piece of the puzzle), but also your verbal identity, your company culture, how you recruit, your customer service… all of these small or large pieces that come together to create a memorable and strong brand personality that ultimately leads to strong brand recognition. Having a strategy for all of those things I just mentioned, instead of running around like a headless chicken, will give you a competitive advantage.

When you start to look at branding in this way, as something more than the tangible and visible, you’ll see that it’s not just fancy bells and whistles – it’s essential business strategy!

Don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what some happy clients say about working with me on their brand strategy:

I knew going into 2022 it was time for a rebrand. I was upleveling in my business and I wanted everything to match up. Having known Petchy for a couple years prior, I knew that when it was time, she was going to be the person I'd trust with my new brand. And wow did she deliver! Not only am I thrilled with the final results, but the whole process was wonderful. She asked great questions, was willing to really help me untangle my vision when I felt stuck, and found a way to convey two juxtaposing pieces of what I wanted: a brand that looked both elevated and rebellious. It's perfect and I'm so glad I invested in her. Hire her for your brand if you want a true partner in the process and incredible results.
After my VIP day with Petchy, I walked away with a beautiful visual brand. As my company has evolved I have drifted away from the colors & fonts but what remains is my Mission, Vision, & Big fat hairy scary goal that I developed using the Brand it! Strategy workbook. We have all done the mission & vision exercises but Petchy's approach made a clear distinction between mission vs vision that I consistently refer back to. While my hairy scary goal drives the foundations & future of my business. Thank you for helping me develop a brand that resonates with who I am & what I want to create. A brand that remains regardless of visual elements.
Evelyn Pacitti
Measurable Wellness
For years I have been slowly building and coddling my brand, but not really getting there. The last year I have been absorbing Petchy through her web page, instagram posts and podcasts. Finally, I decided my brand deserved a 1:1 Strategy Session. I brought my confusion and doubt and left with inspiration, direction and solutions in the areas that needed it. I never expected this in just one hour. Pure approachable brilliance in glasses and red hair.
Lene Hubak Fleischer
Koherent Helse
Thanks for a great session, and for the email summary. I have to say, it was a really positive experience. I have a lot of work ahead, but now I have much more clarity around where to begin. It feels incredibly good, and I feel motivated and full of newfound excitement! I wish it was Monday tomorrow 😅  Again, thank you so much – I can't wait to work more with you as I move forward with my brand.
Julianne Lyngstad
Lyngstad Ernæring
Definitely the (!) best workbook I’ve ever owned. Not only for classic brand exercises, but an all over clarity about meaning and purpose regarding my business (and myself). Can’t recommend it enough! Literally a eureka moment when you finish - seeing all that effort turn into actionable gold. Really, really, really worth it! I get excited just talking about it 😂. Maybe I should go at it again for the third time, as my brand has evolved 💕
Malene Fjærtoft
Saga Community
This premium Brand it! Strategy Workbook is a heaven sent for anyone who's new to the world of branding or needs to go back to the drawing board and have a brand refresh. I love how step-by-step and thorough it is. It has helped me answer some crucial questions, I'd otherwise not have thought about for my new venture "Jumpstart YouTube". I'm also a big fan of workbooks where I can type in directly without necessarily needing to print out, so for me it was a pleasant experience using this digital workbook. Definitely a HUGE ROI for a small investment. Must have for anyone who's serious about creating a stand out brand.
Gulce Onganer
Jumpstart YouTube
Petchy’s Brand it! framework is more than a workbook! Not only did it help me set up my brand fundamentals, it also helped me clarify the purpose of my business and the impact I want to create with my target audience. This is not a one-and-done type of workbook. It’s a document to go back to whenever the messages we’re trying to cross over to our audience become a little blurry. I highly recommend it.
Maya Saric
Sharpshine Copy
This is a super insightful and well thought through collection! I worked through some of this resource with an event company recently. It led to some exciting and important strategy discussions. So valuable, it’s a steal!
Iren Hope Rønhovde
Pen Intended
Petchy is attentive and has an intuitive ability to detect even unspoken client needs. Plus, she's not afraid to tell you if you are on the wrong track.
Sjur Bjørkly
Petchy helped me refine my existing brand, and came up with solutions I'd never have thought of myself. The results far exceeded my high expectations!
Maren Lie Solvang

if we’re not ending up with a logo, what exactly is included in the brand it! strategy journey?

Here’s the thing: the real value in this programme is invisible.

Not to a trained eye of course, but to people in general. We’re so used to thinking of a brand as purely the visuals, that we forget about the stuff going on below the surface. 

What you will have after these 12 weeks is a solid foundation on which to build your entire business. Together, we’ll lay the groundwork for your very own actionable brand roadmap: a strategic plan, rooted in your purpose and values. Put into action it can lead to a more cohesive brand, stronger brand awareness and recognition, an aligned brand image, increased brand loyalty, more of the right clients, more referrals, a healthier bottom line… (I could go on, but I hate long sales pages.)

That’s gotta be worth about a gazillion logos.

Here’s what you’ll get:

📒 My premium Brand it! roadmap workbook: a 72-page fillable PDF to help you discover your unique brand personality – and a document to refer back to as you continue building your brand. It’s like having a little brand strategist in your pocket! This is not sold separately, it’s only available to my clients and group programme participants.

🎬 Short and to-the-point video trainings for each step in the workbook.

🎯 Lifetime access to my brand strategy course ‘The Lone Brandit’ – where you will always get the most up-to-date versions of the workbook + video trainings. You know, in case you want to revisit stuff down the line!

👥 12 weeks of support in our dedicated Circle community, where I will be on hand to give advice and feedback, along with your fellow brandits.

🔥 6 x live group coaching sessions with hot-seats to help you power through any hurdles!

⚡️ 6 x coworking sessions where you can get that focused time in to make progress on your coursework.

🕵🏻‍♀️ 1 x secret guest expert training 

And here’s our timeline:

Week 1: Welcome + time to get to know the platform, workbook and framework + breaking the ice with the others inside the community forum + kick-off call. Video training: Brand core + coworking session.

Week 2: Group coaching call.

Week 3: Video training: Brand playground + coworking session.

Week 4: Group coaching call.

Week 5: Video training: Brand personality + coworking session.

Week 6: Group coaching call.

Week 7: Video training: Brand messaging + coworking session.

Week 8: Group coaching call.

Week 9: Video training: Brand implementation + coworking session.

Week 10: Group coaching call.

Week 11: Video training: Brand roadmap + coworking session.

Week 12: Group coaching call/cocktail party 

Dates and times:

Kick-off date: TBA.

The coaching calls and coworking sessions all take place Mondays at 2:00pm CET / 8:00am CET. The guest expert training will take place on a different day of the week, but most likely at the same time as the calls since this accommodates both EU and US time zones. If you miss a training, don’t worry: a recording will be available!

The alternating weeks mean there will be time to reflect and implement in between each topic. Of course: you can get input and advice from me and your peers in the community in between coaching calls.

Look! An extra bonus!

I’ve got an awesome guest expert lined up to do a live training for the group!

All you have to do to grab this amazing deal is… Ummm… Sign up. That’s it. I don’t believe in penalising people for wanting or needing to split up the payment, or take their time to decide if this is for them. No pay-in-full or fast-action bonuses here.

Everyone gets a bonus! Yay!  🎉 

Is Brand it! for me?

The answer is yes if…

You’ve been running your biz for a while but struggle to stay consistent with your messaging and visuals, and you feel like it’s holding you back from reaching your full potential.

You’re just starting out and you want to hit the ground running with a solid strategic foundation, so you can attract your perfect clients from the word go!

You keep tweaking those brand colours and fonts, but no matter what you do, something just feels off. You want to stand out as you, rather than falling into the “copycat” trap.

You want your heart to swell with pride every time you present your brand – and rightly so, because you deserve to shine!

You want to consistently attract the right type of client, so Mondays are a cause of joy rather than dread. You want to work with clients and projects that fire you up and allow you to perform your magic!

You’re sick of spending hours on each social media post to make it sound and/or look right. You want to get clear on your values and your why, so you can allow your brand personality to lead the way.

Applications for the second round of Brand it! open later in the year

Join the waitlist to be first in line + get a special discount!


*Why do I have to apply, is this some kind of elitist BS?

Nope. This is not an exam and you don’t need super secret special ninja skills to get in. There are a couple of reasons why the enrollment is application based and not first come first served:

1: I want to make sure you’re in a position to get value from your investment. We’ll be digging deep into your brand’s core, and I won’t lie: some of the work will be hard. Rewarding but hard. Requiring focus and time to mature. Both your brand and your fellow brandits will rely on you to show up and do the work. That’s not going to work for everyone at any given time, because no matter how much the dudebros tell us that “if we’re not hustling we don’t want it enough” — life happens. I don’t want anyone to sacrifice friends, family or their mental health to take part in this group programme.

2: I want the group to be curated because I want us to be on roughly the same page in terms of our overall world view, so every participant feels safe, valued and respected. Equality, diversity, inclusion and respect are important to me. We’ll be sharing about our businesses, ups and downs, so the group culture is key — and quite frankly, I don’t wanna have to kick someone out mid-way because they turned out to be an asshole 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

What if I have no clue about brand strategy?

That’s why you’re here, right? This programme was developed around my Brand it! framework to help small business owners discover and express their brand’s inner core – with no previous experience needed. Remember: I might be the brand strategist, but you are the expert on your brand! 

I'm strapped for time, is this still for me?

I get it, running a biz can get preeeetty frantic at times – and 12 weeks can seem like a long time when all you want to do it to get shit done, now. Thing is, building a brand is not an overnight thing, it can’t be rushed. I promise you, you will need the 12 weeks, and you’ll be glad to have enough time to process each step and allow things to mature.

It’s really up to you how much time you put into it, but in the long run, the Brand it! framework should save you time and money. I recommend setting aside at least an hour or two for each week of this programme, and then keep coming back to it regularly – because a brand is a constantly evolving creature.

Will I have a logo after taking part in this programme?

No. Well, not unless you already have one – I’m not going to take that away. You probably already have some form of visual brand identity, even if it’s not intentional. Maybe you’re feeling like it’s “not quite right” and you just can’t pinpoint why – or maybe you’re considering a rebrand and want to do it “the right way round” this time – either way, working in-depth on your brand strategy will allow you to identify your next steps. After this programme you might realise you don’t even need a full visual rebrand – that your next best step is something else entirely. Like tweaking your positioning or target audience to be more in line with your purpose and values. Or maybe you do need a visual rebrand, but at least this way you will do it for the right reasons and not just because you caught the “Canva itch” or got obsessed with someone else’s visual identity.

What you will have is a damn fine strategic foundation on which to build a killer brand identity, whether you go down the DIY route or hire a designer – and remember: a logo is just a teeeeny part of your brand. What you’ll have after completing the Brand it! programme is way more powerful than a logo!


I want to ask about something else!
See that chatbox on the bottom right corner of this page? Pop your question in there and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Will I see you inside?

Hi, I’m Petchy and I’m looking forward to getting to know you! With a background in Design Management, almost two decades of working with brands of all types and sizes + over a decade as a business owner myself, I’ve experienced first hand the powerful impact a brand strategy can have. I know that a strategic and powerful brand can change the way you (and your dream clients!) think about your business, and I’d love to help you make that transition!

Petchy xx



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