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Here’s a selection of tools I use (and love!) in my business. Those marked * are affiliate links, which means I will get a reward if you sign up via my link. I would never ever recommend stuff I’m not happy with for monetary gain, so if a product or service has made it onto the list it really is the bee’s knees, regardless of whether I am an affiliate or not!

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not your average group coaching community

Founders Jason and Caroline Zook’s philosophy that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for designing a business and life you love; there is only experimenting intentionally until you find the right answers for you… is right up my alley!

In addition to the thriving community, there’s a huge library of courses and resources – for instance: a lifetime Teachery account(!) and a Notion starter pack that blew my mind! The investment? $100 per month for 20 months or $400 per month for 5 months, and then that’s it: you’re in forever.

a community platform for creators & brands

Heartbeat is where I host my group programme and alumni communities, and it’s an alternative to FB when you want to bring together engaging discussions, members, chat, events, and memberships — under your own brand. With Heartbeat, you can create an interactive and engaged community — free from the distractions of social media. And you don’t need to worry about losing access to your community, unlike a certain other popular platform.

Using my affiliate link gives you a 20% discount for 3 months + I earn a 30% commission.

the simplest way to create forms

Tally is a new type of form builder that works like a doc. It makes form building easy and offers tons of powerful features for free. As a designer I am pretty obsessed with good-looking interfaces! But when I saw that Tally forms looked sleek and minimal and their free version offered all the features I was currently paying €25/month for… it was a no-brainer! I’ll get a 20% commission if you sign up for Tally Pro via my link, but to be honest? I doubt you’ll need the pro version – their free version really is that jam packed!

Design emails people love to open

Flodesk is an email marketing service provider that’s built for creators, by creators. You can use it to design and send on-brand marketing emails, create opt-in forms to grow your list, and build powerful email automations. One thing I love about Flodesk, apart from their intuitive interface and gorgeous email templates, is that they don’t charge you more when your list grows. Instead, they have a flat fee. That means you’ll get unlimited emails, subscribers, and access to all features forever for $38/month – and if you sign up with my affiliate link, you’ll get 50% off that for the first year.
Schedule meetings
in a few clicks

Ever wanted to tear your hair out trying to find a suitable day and time for a meeting? A gazillion emails going back and forth, when you’ve got better things to do? You need a meeting scheduler! lets you set up different meeting types, set your availability, and sync with your calendar. So when you need to schedule a meeting, you can just send a link, easy peasy! I use to book client meetings, schedule podcast interviews and strategy calls – but also to allow people to easily book discovery calls with me.

Flexible Shopping cart software

Got something to sell, but don’t need a fully fledged e-commerce site? The Plug&Paid shopping cart platform can seamlessly turn any website or social media page into a shop – so you can increase your revenue easier and faster. They offer a Pay as You Go plan too, if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a monthly fee yet. This is what I use to process payments for my digital products and my 1:1 Brand it! strategy sessions, and it’s been really easy to set up. You can add order bumps, upsells and downsells, you can manage recurring payments and even set up your very own affiliate scheme.

Really simple podcast editing

Alitu is a web-based tool that takes your raw recordings & helps you turn them into an amazing, audience-growing show. Their AI magic will convert and clean up your audio, saving you time and unnecessary fuss. It levels out your volumes, reduces background noise and outputs at the podcast loudness standards. You can record straight into their web interface, or upload your own sound files – or both! Honestly: if it wasn’t for Alitu, I doubt my podcast would ever have seen the insides of your ear canal, because I was procrastinating it so. damn. hard. Now, my episodes are ready to go just minutes after recording.

Lifetime deals on software

If you’re ready to stop paying monthly for the software you use to run your business, AppSumo is your friend! AppSumo was created with one idea in mind: the tools you need to grow your business shouldn’t put you out of business. I like that idea! I’ve been able to slash so many of my regular monthly subscriptions by getting a lifetime deal for them on AppSumo. My meeting scheduler, my podcast hosting and my cart software for instance  – those three alone are saving me $80 every month in recurring subscription charges. It’s a no-brainer! If you use my link to sign up, you and I will both get $10. Sweet, huh?

Ruth Ridgeway*
simplify your biz with toolkits + templates

Ruth is the real deal, a genuinely lovely person, and her business toolkits are amazing in their simplicity. I personally have signed up for Ruth’s Client Connection Kit ($99), her Simple AF pricing kit ($9) and one of her Voxer Hours – and the thing that strikes me is that there is no fluff here, as she shares from her own experiences. Bonus: you also get access to her student only group: Ruth’s Keep It Simple Biz Club – a lovely, supportive bunch of people in there – and did I mention that everything is super affordable?!




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