Your archetype is the Explorer

Adventurous, open-minded & daring

The Explorer wants to break free and discover the world. They fear being trapped, and seek to escape conformity and boredom by experiencing new things. Explorer brands are innovative and ambitious. They seek new adventures, and are constantly pushing boundaries.

Explorers value freedom. To leverage the power of your Explorer brand archetype, use storytelling to take users on a journey. Share new ways of thinking and create a tribe around the adventure-mindset.


Nobody owns the world, so feel free to explore it!


Adventure, freedom and exploration.


Feeling trapped or confined.


To achieve freedom and an authentic, fulfilling life. 


Active, optimistic, adventurous and on-the-go.

Live the brand

Take your audience on a journey through storytelling. Share authentic experiences that thrill and excite.

Brand visuals

Raw, unpolished images. Rugged and distinctive graphics and typography.

Typical colours for an Explorer brand

Choose saturated, deep and earthy colour tones to create a rugged and individual look.

Other Explorer brands

Jeep | The North Face | Land Rover

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