Your archetype is the Creator

Passionate, imaginative & skillful

The Creator wants everything to be perfect. Passionate, imaginative and skillful, the they are experts at seeing the big picture. They have a desire to create something of lasting value, and fear being mediocre in their vision and/or execution. Creators use innovation to turn ideas into reality. They are trendsetters and future-gazers who are constantly striving to create the best product or service in their field.

To leverage the power of your Creator brand archetype, aim to inspire and encourage your audience to achieve something in a completely new way. 


If you can imagine it, you can create it


Creativity, imagination and self-expression.


Stagnation and being mediocre.


To create something of lasting value.


Rich in metaphors, with unusual word choices.

Live the brand

Inspire and encourage others to create, and give them the tools to do so.

Brand visuals

Vibrant and colourful images. Original and artistic graphics and typography.

Typical colours for a Creator brand

Go for bright and eye catching colour tones to emphasise your brand’s imaginative and inspirational personality. 

Other Creator brands

Lego | Pinterest | Adobe | Crayola

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