Your archetype is the Citizen

Down-to-earth, friendly & honest

The Citizen wants to appeal to everyone. Unpretentious, realistic and approachable, they want to fit in and belong. They thrive in a group and love to create connections with others.

To leverage the power of your Caregiver brand archetype, be unpretentious and demonstrate ordinary, solid values consistently. Create communities and facilitate spaces where people can meet and connect.


All men and woman are created equal


Equality, democracy, respect and fairness.


Being left out and not fitting in.


To connect, to belong and promote equality.


Good-natured, with a dash of humour and laidback charm.

Live the brand

Act as a peer, not as a leader. Promote equality and fairness, and facilitate deep connections.

Brand visuals

Jovial and honest images. Graphics are often pared down and rounded.

Typical colours for a Citizen brand

Choose down to earth, saturated and welcoming colour tones to emphasise your brand’s inclusive and jovial personality.

Other Citizen brands

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