Hi there, I’m Petchy.

I help badass business owners attract and connect with more of their dream clients through strategic brand design.

My clients tell me I have an intuitive way of knowing what they need, even when they don’t know it themselves. Some might call it intuition. Others call it a gut feeling. I call it a super power. Just kidding! There’s no woo here, just a combination of experience, curiosity and genuinely caring about understanding my clients on a deeper level. Together we dig deep enough to discover the core of your brand, so I can really get to know your goals, visions and values – and then I translate that into a brand identity that communicates all the right things to all the right people!

Freedom is at the core of everything I do

I never felt at home in the corporate world. I’ve never been one to follow other people’s rules blindly. I was exhausted by the constant struggle to fit into society’s (rather narrow!) expectation of what it looks like to be “professional”. I never understood why I couldn’t just be me. When I started my solo venture in 2016, I knew one thing: I was going to do this my way. Even so, it took me a good couple of years to stop feeling like I should try to squeeze back into that pigeon hole. If I’m honest, there are days where I still feel that way.

I believe your brand should give you freedom, whatever that means to you. Freedom to spend time doing what you love. Financial freedom. Freedom to work how and where you want. Freedom to work with the kind of clients that really fire you up. Freedom to build your brand in a way that feels good to you and the people you serve.

And that is why I am on a mission to help other business owners build their brands their way; without pretending to be something they’re not, without compromising on their truths, without unethical business tactics and without screwing people over in the process. For every brand that dares to show up with their values and their hearts on their sleeves, it becomes easier for others to follow. And who knows; maybe the world will become a better, more inclusive and more transparent place in the process.

My truths:


I will always be honest, even if it’s something you might not want to hear. I’ll do it in the nicest possible way though! Think of me as the kind but slightly annoying friend who always dishes out tough love.


I will always treat people with respect, even if we don’t agree. It’s ok to have a difference of opinion, but it’s never ok to be a bully!


I will always strive to be an ally. I believe that every person on this planet deserves the right to equal opportunities – and the freedom to be who they are, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, body size and/or religion. If you believe otherwise, please move on.


It’s not nice to screw people over for your own financial gain. I’ll not help you build a brand based on manipulative sales tactics or sketchy business practices. This is non-negotiable.


Brand strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s not just for the big multi-national corporations, and you don’t need to be and/or hire a cocky hipster dude in an expensive suit to do strategy work.


Life’s too short not to have fun! Most of us spend a lot of our time working, so work should also be fun – which is why I choose to work with clients who agree that professional ≠ boring. Honestly, we get better results for it too!

Do I sound like someone you could work with?

So, just who is this Petchy?


Petchy is a play on my surname, and a nickname that has followed me since my student days. My first name wasn’t exactly the easiest to pronounce in English, and that kinda sucks when A) you’re half Brit, and B) you decide to go study and live in the UK for a while. So Petchy it is! But my real name is Solveig Petch.

I live just outside a small town on the northwestern coast of Norway (just around the corner from where Tom Cruise filmed Mission Impossible 7 and all the high-end car companies come to shoot their fancy television ads) with my hubby, our daughter, my son, an ignorant cat and a barking mad miniature poodle.

When I’m not busy crafting kick-ass brands… I love to spend time in nature. I’m a real foodie so you’ll often find me cooking up a treat in the kitchen – if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed in my stories. When I have time, I enjoy a good book, and I am the proud owner of no less than three sewing machines. I also have a totally inappropriate sense of humour and a bit of a potty mouth, nicely camouflaged behind an innocent looking face. You have been warned!


I have a BA (Hons) in Management of Design and Innovation from DeMontfort University in the UK, and I’ve been working with design and branding since 2002. That’s 18+ years of experience, working with brands of all shapes and sizes, from multi-national corporations to small businesses and startups. Spoiler alert: the challenges they face are more similar than you might think!

With over a decade of experience as a business owner myself; as co-founder of a design agency and in my solo business, I understand first hand what a difference a strong brand can make to a business.

The Ethical Move logo [in white on black] [with values in a circle outline: Honesty, Responsibility, Trust, Transparency, Integrity, Equity]. Links to theethicalmove.org

I put the person before the sale. I respect you and your privacy. I will help you make the best choice for your needs, not mine. I communicate inclusively, truthfully, and clearly. I will not confuse you or hide information from you. I will help all audiences feel welcome. I take responsibility for my part in changing the marketplace. I recognize the need to break the cycle of consumerism. I will continuously review my sales and marketing to ensure they benefit the common good. I count on you to hold me accountable. Please connect with me if you see me not honouring my pledge.

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Before you go, allow me to introduce the rest of the team:

Chief Napping Officer

My CNO takes her duties very seriously, and she’s a badass who won’t take crap from anyone. Bitchy at times, but saved by her cute fuzzy paws. Enjoys sitting on forbidden surfaces, eating tulips and bullying Head of Barketing.

Head of Barketing

A grumpy old git who is way past retirement age, but still insists on making his voice heard. Loudly. He frequently makes uninvited guest appearances on my podcast. A social dude who enjoys naps, food, food and food. And the neighbours’ staffie.



The Ethical Move logo [in white on black] [with values in a circle outline: Honesty, Responsibility, Trust, Transparency, Integrity, Equity]. Links to theethicalmove.org
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