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Hi, I’m Petchy!

So, you need someone to help you build an awesome brand? You want a brand identity that excites your dream client and makes your competitors green with envy? One of a kind and tailored to suit your brand’s unique personality? Well, you’re in the right place.

Having a great brand identity will change the way you think about your business. If you want to know how investing in design can make your brand stand out, and help you achieve your business goals – then we need to talk! Book your free discovery call now, and let’s see how we can make your brand shine!



I have a BA (Hons) in Management of Design and Innovation from DeMontfort University in the UK, and I’ve been working with design and branding since 2002 – as an in-house designer, in agencies and as a solopreneur. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with several international brands, but also a number of small businesses and startups. After 7 years as co-founder of a design agency I decided to go 100% solo, and have been working as an independent design- and branding consultant since 2016, loving every minute of it!



My clients come from a variety of industries. Some are solopreneurs or small startups, others have been in business for a while. They do have one thing in common though: they are ready to invest in their brand, and want to use design to increase their impact and build a kick-ass brand! I genuinely care about my clients’ success. I believe in building lasting business relationships, so I can really get to know your goals and visions. Close collaboration and mutual trust is key to getting great results!



Petchy is a play on my surname, and a nickname that has followed me for years. My first name wasn’t exactly the easiest to pronounce in English, and that kinda sucks when A) you’re half Brit, and B) you decide to go study and live in the UK for a while. So Petchy it is! But my real name is Solveig Petch.


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